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Submit your positive Idea
for it to become reality

Applications open from
26th July - 6th September

winners can gain up to €10,000 supportive funding to make their positive ideas become a reality, and runners up to gain offered scholarships and paid internships.

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Summer School
Every year Youth Time International Movement organizes a number of international events across the globe.

The International Youth Summer School was first held in the Altai, region of Russia in 2011. Since then, this event has gone to expand into the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Russia, Croatia, China and Iceland.

Summer School

This year the annual event was held in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik.

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Global Forum
Since 2015, the Youth Global Forum has been an annual event that has served as a platform to promote youth interests, intergenerational and intercultural education and opportunity.

The Youth Global Forum also hosts the annual Projects Competition, these projects compete for several amazing prizes including internships to international enterprises and scholarships to international universities with the winning project receiving the coveted ‚Youth Time Idea Grant‘ that provides the funding necessary to turn one project into reality.

Global Forum

“Industry 5.0 vs Inclusive Development: Where is the Future?”, “The New Era of Employment and Education: Solutions for Change“

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Open Webinar Series
‘Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability’ 

Are you sure your career path is set? Is there more you could do to help others and yourself? The world’s population has increased by 300% over the last 60 years, is this creating more competition for places and putting more strain on societies, or can we develop our skills to prosper as an individual and as a collective?


Join our webinars focused on ‘Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability’ along with our Youth Time Guild of experts, to explain the different issues and skills to be aware of.

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Youth Time Magazine
Youth Time Magazine is a platform run by young people and for young people around the globe.

The Magazine covers the stories of young successful entrepreneurs, useful skillsets for the career landscape of the 21st century, top universities, open calls for grants and competitions, volunteering opportunities as well as alternative perspectives on various topics.

YT Magazine

We want to raise awareness of global issues and provide relevant information on where to find the answers for their solutions.

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