Youth Time Contest

Youth Time Family!

Are you ready to boost your creativity to the maximum?

We want to get to know the Youth Time community better, that’s why we created this Contest for you!

Let’s start!

Step 1: Create a piece of art

It can be created with any Material, the only important thing is that your Art needs to show what Youth Time means for you.

( Example Values: education, fun, people, learning, etc. )


Step 2: You need to follow the next rules

  • Follow us on all our Social Media platforms

( You can find the social media links all the way to the bottom of the page)


Step 3 and last one:

  • Share a photo of the Art that you created on whatever SM platform, describe why you made it, then tag us ( Youth Time movement)


We are very excited to see what you will create

And don’t forget! the winner will be rewarded with a special and unique surprise.