Workshops Youth Summer School 2020 in Reykjavik, Iceland

The Innovator’s mindset: Nelson Javier Mejia

Skills for sustainable professional growth: David Timis

I consider being an Entrepeneur. Which skills do I need? Karen Pesse & Theodoor van der Klaauw

How to stay safe online? David Timis

Social Inclusion of Youth: Challenges and Opportunities: Lucie Mairychova

Improve your Cognitive Thinking: Strategy Games & Puzzle Solving: Bogdan Vaida

Intelligent automation and its impact on future skills, jobs and workplaces: Theodoor van der Klaauw

The role of education: What developments can we expect? Hrishabh Sandilya, Lucie Mairychová, Kolbrún Þ. Pálsdóttir, and Þóra Óskarsdóttir