Annual Report 2019

Summary of 2019


Since its inception in 2010, Youth Time International Movement has strived to promote youth interests in the global community and provide a platform for youth where they are able to speak openly and freely about the issues that are most prevalent in youth communities around the world.

Our mission, as always, has been to implement and synchronize projects that aim for a better future in different spheres primarily by establishing an active dialogue between and within generations, and by motivating the youth to be more active in their own lives and in public life.

In 2019 Youth Time International Movement used its two annual major events to implement this mission on the international stage. The first of these events was the 9th annual ‘International Youth Summer School’ which was hosted in Chengdu, China with the support of the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation.

The final event of the year was the marquee ‘Youth Global Forum’ hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands where Youth Time International Movement were partnered by Zagreb University of Business, IPMI International School of Business and IYSERT Energy.

These events serve to educate and expand the knowledge of youth participants; engage with them and inspire them to be the change the world needs today.

Once again this year, we were able to support a number of projects presented to us by young entrepreneurs through our annual Projects Competition. With the help and generosity of our partners, we were able to support a total of seven projects including the winners of Youth Time Idea Grant, Anza Tshipetane and Nnditsheni Netshimbupfe from South Africa.

For their project, The Bright Young Leaders Initiative, they were awarded funding to the amount of €10,000. In addition, our partners at IYSERT Energy also stepped in to offer them 10 funded internship programs at their headquarters in India.

Next year, we hope to continue to support youth and youth projects just like Anza’s and Nnditsheni’s and raise awareness for youth issues and always provide a platform for youth to openly and equally discuss and connect with each other.

Miss Julia Kinash, President of Youth Time International Movement.

To view the entire report, you can download it from annual_report_2019.