Summer School Germany 2015

The 2015 Youth Time Summer School took place from 18th to 22nd of June 2015 in the northern German city of Hamburg. The topic of the conference was "Crisis and Society: Issues of Management". 

Did you know Central Banks only create three per cent of the money supplied while 97 per cent is created by commercial banks? Would you like to find out what is actually hidden behind banking crises and recessions that have stricken the Eurozone?  At the YT Summer School in Hamburg we made the acquaintance of the world’s leading expert on central banks, Professor of International Banking at the University of Southampton (UK) Richard Werner. During “Interview with a guest” session, he pinpointed several key issues that fit into today’s world themes. His speech will be published in two parts; the first one is about modern economy and its true essence.

Updates, news, and insights from day four (21th of June) of the Youth Time Summer School 2015 in Hamburg. 

Updates, news, and insights from the third (20th of June) of the Youth Time Summer School in Hamburg.

Updates, news, and insights from day one (19th of June) of the great youth adventure organized by Youth Time International Movement in Hamburg.

This article is a brief and complete overview of the Youth Time Summer School's 2015 study program. Click on the names of the moderators to read their full interviews to

Julia Kinash, YT Movement president and an experienced attendee at many forums, training sessions, and schools, has come up with 10 useful tips on how to make ytsummer the most effective ever.

The conviction that youth are drivers of positive change in our communities is the basis for the Youth Time International Movement's programs and activities.

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