The Role of Impact Investing in Renewable Energy

With the Youth Global Forum 2018 just around the corner, Youth Time International Movement begins to interview experts who will be travelling from all over the globe to share their knowledge and ideas cultural experiences with participants at the event. One of these experts is Rakesh Biswas, Chairman of IYSERT Energy Research PVT LTD. Rakesh is also the founder of International Youth Society of Eco friendly & Renewable Technology. He has expanded his organisation across 8 countries and conducts extensive volunteer work across the world. Being a strong personality in South Asia, his Company IYSERT listed in the top 50 Companies by CNBC Asian Business Leadership Awards 2017,Shanghai for Turnover more than 100 Million INR in 2 years. He was awarded the International Business leadership Award in 2017 by Institute of Economics Studies Malaysia and also received the Karamaveer Chakhra Award from the United Nations in addition to the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rastiya Ekta Samman in 2014 from the Government of India.

Rakesh will be hosting a workshop under the theme, “Impact Investment in Renewable Energy”. This pre-event interview aims to provide Youth Global Forum 2018 participants with added insight and understanding as to what they can expect from the workshop, in addition to learning how to best prepare for the event.

Rakesh, on behalf of the Youth Time International Movement, we are delighted to welcome you to share your expert knowledge and advice with participants at our Youth Global Forum in France next month. Would you share with us a short introduction?

Thank you Youth Time International Movement for providing me with the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience on a global platform. At the Youth Global Forum, I will be sharing my thoughts as a young entrepreneur with innovative ideas on how to build a company that converts waste into energy.

Why are you interested in the Youth Global Forum 2018 and what about it excites you most?

I am interested mostly in the entrepreneurship aspect and having the opportunity to meet with likeminded individuals who I can share my knowledge and experiences with. Further, as a previous project presenter I am excited to see some of the new ideas that will be presented by budding social and environmental entrepreneurs. As an investor myself, it will be interesting to see if there are any projects that I could collaborate with.

Without giving too much away, would you share with us a little about what your workshop on “Impact Investment in Renewable Energy” is going to cover? Will there be any particular area of focus?

The main points of discussion will be the new technologies being developed and implemented to support renewable energy such as solar, wind and micro-grid.

Which lessons can participants expect to take from attending your workshop and how will they help with their future endeavors?

Participants will learn how to covert a renewable energy based idea into a business model. The workshop will focus on the Key Model: Right Time, Right Knowledge, and Right Product & Right Expansion of Business. Those who will attend the workshop can also expect to learn how the renewable energy industry will help to increase business and employment opportunities.

As a previous project presenter at the Youth Global Forum and winner of Youth Time’s Idea Grant, would you please share with us your thoughts on the competition and how it has helped shape the person that you are today?

The grant received from Youth Time played a key role in the foundations of our company. It helped support and motivate us into building a pioneering small enterprise which has steadily developed into a global player in the production of solar and wind turbines.

Are there any additional topics or elements you wish to bring to our attention or add?

In line with one of the core components of the Youth Global Forum 2018, I feel that I have a lot to share with young leaders who aspire to build their own social and environmental impact projects based on my own experience with Youth. Having begun my entrepreneurship journey with Youth Time, I have managed to build a multi-million dollar company and I’d be glad to give advice to anyone at the forum who is interested in achieving similar success.

Photo: From the archive of Mr. Rakesh Biswas