#YTSummer Study Program: Who, What, When and Why

This article is a brief and complete overview of the Youth Time Summer School’s 2015 study program. Click on the names of the moderators to read their full interviews to www.youthtimemag.com.

19th June (Friday) “Social”

Master Class: “Decision Making Under Pressure”

In this master class all participants will learn how to make personally and professionally good decisions. As making good decisions cannot only help yourself but also the community you live in, as achieving your personal goals, will make you more likely to also achieve your communal goals.

Moderator: Katja Loose (Germany)

Mrs. Loose is a certified business coach with extensive experience in areas of coaching, training and facilitating change processes in organizations.
Start: 9:00
End: 10:45
Workshop: “Breaking Stereotypes”
This workshop is designed as intro for discussion on issues of stereotypes and prejudices as a basis for non-understanding between groups and individuals, and as well possible discrimination and various levels of violence.

Moderator: Adi Kolasevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Mr. Kolasevic holds a Master’s degree in Sport Science. He is an experienced capacity building specialist of civil society organizations with extensive experience in non-formal and formal education through engagement in the European Student Union.
Start: 11:00 and 15:30
End: 15:15 and 19:00
Workshop: “Daily Diplomacy”
In this training participants will learn how to improve their day-2-day diplomatic skills, as this can help them to get results on a communal level. The program of the workshop is set up in various parts, where different diplomacy techniques are explained and practiced. 

Moderator: Dimitris Psarrakis (Greece)

Mr. Psarrakis is economic policy advisor of the EU. His job is to design and evaluate economic policies and compromise the alternative views of the different member states and groups of influence in the EU “universe”.
Start: 11:00 and 15:30
End: 15:15 and 19:00
20th June (Saturday) “Crisis” 

Workshop: “Crisis Reconciliation”
This workshop is about exploration of the source of conflicts, that can sometimes have more personal source than we expect. The focus will lie on how your personal role can contribute to the resolution of conflicts. 

Moderator: Jaron Reisman (Netherlands)

Mr. Reisman is a trainer and entrepreneur for purpose-driven development of individuals and organisations.
Start: 9:00 and 13:30
End: 12:30 and 17:00
Workshop: “The Art of Negotiation”
In this training participants will seek to understand how the negotiation process works and will become aware of their role in it.

Moderator: Sven Anger (Germany) 

Mr. Anger is a business economist and an actor by trade. After years of working in sales and management he founded a coaching company in 2007 to help people become more aware of their skills and attitudes and use them to excel. 
Start: 9:00 and 13:30
End: 12:30 and 17:00
Master Class: “How to Defeat Stress”
In this masterclass participants will see how they create their own suffering and will be learned how to uncreate it. Also they will become aware of how to increase their self-esteem by making yourself a priority in your life.

Moderator: Mike Fisher (the UK)

Mr. Fisher a prominent British trainer and writer. For the past 18 years his focus has been on anger and stress management.
Start: 17:15
End: 19:00 
21st June (Sunday) “Management”
Arc of Noah and Risk Game
In this role play and simulation game all skills and experiences that participants have learned in previous days will come in need. Participants and their performance will be evaluated by the workshop trainers.

Moderator: Aleksej Stepanov (Serbia)

Mr. Stepanov is a lawyer by education and trainer by profession, in which his main field of interest is non-formal education.
Start: 9:00
End: 14:00
Inspirational meeting with a Guest: Socio-economical Risks in Modern Society
 Prof. Richard Werner (Germany)
Prof. Werner is the world’s leading expert on central banks. He is professor of International Banking at the University of Southampton. He is founding director of its Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development, and a member of the ECB Shadow Council.

Moderators: Julia Kinash and Rens Saat 

Start: 15:00
End: 17:00