YTSummer 2016 Will Be Organized in Cooperation with CSCL Foundation

As a result of fruitful meetings between Youth Time and the Soon Ching Ling foundation, at the end of March 2016 in Beijing, both parties have come to agree to join forces in organizing this year’s International Summer School. Accordingly, the event will be held in Beijing from the 15th to the 20th of August. The event will bring together 50 ambitious young people, consisting of students and young professionals. About 20 will come from China, whereas the other 30 come from other countries all over the world.

Both parties have set the main theme for the event at: ‘Bridging Cultures with Business Experience’. Julia Kinash, president of the Youth Time movement emphasized, throughout the meetings in Beijing, the importance of organizing the event in cooperation with their Chinese partner: “China is very interesting as it is a land with a huge history and has only recently very fast developed. Young people are interested to do business with or in China. It’s interesting to them to explore the Chinese business climate”.

The main purpose of the event is to facilitate cultural exchange through discussing business methods and practices. Under supervision of experienced Chinese as well as international trainers and experts the event intends to help participants develop a unique set of skills that can use in their professional and personal life, as well to create a network of young leaders and youth-led organizations.

A program is drawn up that will embrace various formats, such as: taking part in workshops and case studies, being inspired by captivating master classes and meeting other young ambitious people from all over the globe. A cultural program events with informal, networking and socializing activities will support the working part of the event. Qi Mingqiu, Standing Vice of the Soong Ching Ling Foundation emphasized, throughout the meetings in Beijing, the importance of making young people cooperate: “In our events we let young people work together in different groups. Each group has a single task to realize together. Through cooperation they learn to respect each other and after this they quickly become friends”.

Young people from all over the world that are between the age of 18-35 years old, that are particularly interested in international business and cultural exchange in China, are encouraged to apply for the event. Application deadline is set at 13th of May, 2016.