Highlights of the Youth International Summer School in Beijing

From the 15th till the 20th of August 2016, Youth Time organized its sixth consecutive Summer School. This year the event was realized in Beijing, in close cooperation with the reputable China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. It was Youth Time’s second Summer School organized outside of Europe and it has become a memorable one. Hosted in spectacular facilities, 30 international and 20 Chinese participants, coming in total from 25 different nations, were offered a rich cultural program and a diverse working schedule.

Qi Mingqiu, Julia Kinash and Vladimir Yakunin.

The event was hosted in the Beijing Friendship hotel, which historically (as well as aesthetically) has proven to be an impeccable place for hosting important national and international meetings. Also did the name of the venue (Friendship hotel) appear suitable, as illustrated by the words used by Mr. Qi Mingqiu, Standing Vice Chairman of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation( CSCLF) in the event: ‘The purpose of having the International Youth Summer School is to provide an opportunity and a platform for the young people from all around the world to communicate and work with each other, to better understand each other. Young people with different backgrounds are diversified, but in this world no country can be isolated, as we are living in a global village. That’s why we need to create such a platform to come together understand each other, know each other’s cultures and to become friends.’

The theme of this year’s event was: ‘Bridging Cultures with Business Experience’. In the program of the event cultural exchange was an important component as well as participants were thoroughly explained how to successfully realize business start-ups. Julia Kinash, the president of the Youth Time International Movement elaborates on this decision: ‘Currently young people are interested in start-ups, in which they also like to take social responsibility. So they do not only wish to study or make money, but would like to make business with some social part in it, through which they can give back to the society in which they live’.

Vladimir Yakunin

Throughout the four-day event participants were being tutored by internationally esteemed business academia as well as Chinese accomplished businessmen. Honourable guest, Dr. Vladimir Yakunin, Head of the department of Political Science, of Moscow State University, explains the importance of this matter: ‘It is my strong belief, that the elder generation should be responsible, in terms of the policy creating processes, as well as to support younger generations in terms of education, to have good help in order to realize their start-up’.

Xie Hong

Chinese business entrepreneur, Xie Hong, founder and CEO of the successful company Beingmate, offered a thought-provoking masterclass, in which he claimed that the ‘winners of the future’ will be the ones that are most able to respond adequately to the trends in the world. He also had a piece of advice for the young to pursue a happy and successful career: ‘You need to know starting your career is not just about getting a job, but about realizing your dream. So always bear in mind this is your dream, your life long goal, so in choosing your job you also carry out your personal values’.

This idealistic ground mentioned by Mr. Xie Hong, of carrying out your personal values is one of the main features that characterizes the events organized by Youth Time, as well as at the Summer School in Beijing, in which young, ambitious and talented people are brought together to solve urgent social dilemma’s. Youth Time president, Julia Kinash continues: ‘In our events you can find the most intelligent young people from all over the world. Here they will find some topics which they can discuss among each other, the atmosphere we create support them help to find the right people to network and create projects together.’ This notion is supported by another expert that offered a case study during the event, former professor and experienced workshop facilitator, Boris Zhogin concludes: ‘Team synergy makes the young find solutions, they help each other, they find the solutions and make each other more involved, that is how the magic of this event works.’

Boris Zhogin and his class: “Where social, cultural and commercial merge.”

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