Rhodes Youth Forum 2010

In Octo­ber, 2010 in Greece, on the Island of Rhodes the first Rhodes Youth Forum took place. The Forum was ini­ti­ated by World Pub­lic Forum “Dia­logue of Civ­i­liza­tions” (WPFDC) in 2009 on the 7th Annual Ses­sion of the Rhodes Forum (www​.rhodes​fo​rum​.org) as an insti­tu­tion aimed to involve the mod­ern youth in the analy­sis of the global dia­logue of civ­i­liza­tions agenda and to develop prospec­tive strate­gies for the har­mo­nious progress of the human­ity.

Rhodes Youth Forum was listed in the offi­cial Events Cal­en­dar of the Inter­na­tional Year of Youth orga­nized by the United Nations. More than 400 young peo­ple, rep­re­sent­ing the Euro­pean coun­tries, Rus­sia, USA, CIS, African states, Asia (India and China), Brazil, Argentina and other con­tributed to the devel­op­ment of Rhodes Youth Forum. The Forum was sup­ported by more that 60 youth organizations.

The main top­ics for the dis­cus­sion at the first ses­sion of the Rhodes Youth Forum included: the opin­ion of the youth con­cern­ing the future, mod­ern fam­ily val­ues, the influ­ence of mod­ern infra­struc­ture on the soci­ety. An inter­ac­tive game became the key point of the Rhodes Youth Forum activ­ity. The game was devoted to the analy­sis of social phe­nom­ena that influ­enced or may have a strong effect on the devel­op­ment of the human­ity. The aim of the par­tic­i­pants was to ana­lyze the infor­ma­tion that they get from the orga­niz­ing com­mit­tee and to record a spe­cial video report about the men­tioned social phenomena.