The words of grat­i­tude

Dear friends!

Orga­niz­ing a mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary youth forum is a great chal­lenge which requires many efforts and we are lucky that we have an inter­na­tional group of young and bright mod­er­a­tors who have helped us to hold the work­shops and joint ses­sions. We would like to thank each of them in per­son. They invested their time and per­sonal involve­ment into the devel­op­ment of diverse work­shops and ses­sions from scratch to their final stage.

We also appre­ci­ate the work of mod­er­a­tors who helped to con­vey the joint ses­sion together with WPFDC. Dear Alek­sej Stepanov, Adi Kola­se­vic, Anja Djord­je­vic, Bap­tiste Amieux, Kir­ill Babichenko, Liubov Korotet­skaya, Maria Semen­ova, Nejra Plasto, Niwa Dwitama, Taulant Hoxha, Themis­to­cles Papadi­mopou­los, Hrishabh Sandilya, Daria Laposhina and Ella Dryaeva, Annika Hae­fliger, Akop Gabrielyan, Jonny Melikyan, Bhanu Joshi, Jozef Migas, Kabindra Burlakoti, Has­san Rassmy, Alek­san­dar Dašić, Karolina Maze­tyte, Evge­nia Samod­elkova and Christoph von Old­en­burg, we are proud to have you in our team!

We wish you to keep on devel­op­ing your skills and broaden your hori­zons. Many YT projects and activ­i­ties are com­ing in the near­est future and we would be happy to see you on board again!