Social Innovation for Systems Change and Sustainable Development: A Conversation with Reimagined Futures


This webinar is a part of the ‘Future Skills for workplace sustainability’ series and will be a live chat with Hrishabh Sandilya and Viliana Dzhartova from ReImagined Futures who will be talking about the future of entrepreneurship and development and the mantras of sustainability, social innovation and systems thinking. Using simple real-life examples from their work and experience, they will provide context on these paradigms and the roles they will play going forward.

Who is the Webinar designed, and beneficial for?
This webinar would be suited to all from all backgrounds. If you have a business or organisation, or looking to start one, this needs to be heard to enhance your chances of sustainability. If you are not an entrepreneur, then this webinar will still benefit you to give awareness of something you may not realise is going on, and help give you inspiration of how to be more mindful.

About the Speakers

Social Innovation for Systems Change and Sustainable Development


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