Report — Open Lec­ture by Eduard Palíšek

he Masaryk Uni­ver­sity in Brno and the Inter­na­tional Move­ment “Youth Time” invited the stu­dents to take part in the Open Lec­ture and Dis­cus­sion by the Man­ag­ing Direc­tor of Siemens, Czech Repub­lic Ing. Eduard Palíšek, Ph.D., MBA on the theme: “Edu­ca­tion and Com­pet­i­tive Ability”.


Under the aus­pices of “Edu­ca­tion of my dream” project Youth Time and the Fac­ulty of Eco­nomic and Admin­is­tra­tive, Masaryk Uni­ver­sity in Brno orga­nized on Octo­ber, 21 at 18. p.m. at the Fac­ulty of Eco­nomic, MU the Open Lec­ture by Ing. Eduard Palíšek, Ph.D., MBA Man­ag­ing Direc­tor of Siemens, Czech Repub­lic. Around 100 par­tic­i­pants came to the Masaryk Uni­ver­sity in Brno to par­tic­i­pate the spe­cial Open Lec­ture on the theme “Edu­ca­tion and Com­pet­i­tive Abil­ity” . The lec­ture was hosted by Mr. Eduard Palisek who higlighted the impor­tance of edu­ca­tion. The edu­ca­tion was one of the key dis­cussed issue.Hand in hand with the edu­ca­tion goes future and also the neces­sity to real­ize the fact that the future is not pre­dictable and thus we can­not adapt our life to the future vision, but we should cre­ate our own future which will reflect the pres­ence. The lec­ture was very inspi­ra­tive and made stu­dents rethink their future and their atti­tude towards it.