Open lec­ture: Ques­tions to Vaclav Moravec

Open lec­ture: Ques­tions to Vaclav Moravec by Vaclav Moravec, Prague, 3rd Decem­ber 2012. 19:45 at Uni­ver­sity of Eco­nomic in Prague, Namesti. W. Churchilla 4, 130 67 Prague, Czech Repub­lic. Host : PhDr. Vaclav Moravec.


Vaclav Moravec has per­formed every Sun­day in his own polit­i­cal talks show Otázky Václava Moravce for more than ten years. His tele­vi­sion polit­i­cal talks show draws nearly 750,000 view­ers each week. In addi­tion to the weekly tele­vi­sion broad­cast, Moravec hosts a radio show four days a week. He is also a jour­nal­ism pro­fes­sor at his alma mater in Prague.

Dur­ing the lec­ture Moravec shared with the youth his expe­ri­ences from his show and also appealed to the stu­dents to take a respon­si­bil­ity for their polit­i­cal inter­est. More than 200 stu­dents and active youth had oppor­tu­nity to ask him about every­thing they wanted to know. His kind answers helped to expend par­tic­i­pant ´s knowl­edge and also helped to them to be more ori­ented in the polit­i­cal issue. This spe­cial­ized open lec­ture has been orga­nized within the project Edu­ca­tion of my dream. It was the third spe­cial­ized lec­ture in a row and Youth Time pre­pares oth­ers lec­ture which will be orga­nized next year.