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Open Webinar Series

Open Webinar Series ‘Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability’  Are you sure your career path is set? Is there more you could do to help others and yourself? The world’s population has increased by 300% over the last 60 years, is this creating more competition for places and putting more strain on societies, or can we develop our skills to prosper as an individual and as a collective? The world is developing and changing at an increased speed, but how do we keep up and stay ahead? Join our webinars focused on ‘Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability’ along with our Youth Time Guild of experts, to explain the different issues and skills to be aware of. Gaining helpful know-how of how to implement and improve your development to help to secure being indispensable in the current and future economy. We will be exploring issues and raising questions such as; ‘How qualified are most workforces, what effect does this have on future workplace sustainability, and is it time for education re-form?’ & ‘Social Innovation for Systems Change and Sustainable Development’, along with many more. This your time to not just gain more information, but increase your knowledge, instigate conversations, and ask questions. All webinars are FREE and catered for all Youth (ages 18 – 35), no matter your role. The webinars are designed to inspire and give insights to all. There is no reason to not be a part of them. The webinars will Commence from the end of November and carry on through to the New Year. To be kept up to date with relevant dates and times then bookmark this page and/or follow us on Facebook and Instagram