Expert Guild

The Experts Guild offers a team of specialists who are appointed by the President of the organisation. Experts regularly join YTIM events, give interviews to the Youth Time Magazine and YTIM website and upon request offer live stream webinars. They also answer specific questions of young people concerning their talent development and self-realization and other questions of any YTIM member who seek for their support.

This group of professionals that vary in age, country of origin and professional background, are to be considered masters in their field of expertise and have proven themselves in previous YTIM events to be experienced in training young people.

Become a YTIM Expert

Benefits for Expert

  • Experts can be part of selected YTIM events with the covered costs by
    the organisation
  • Experts can share information about their professional activities through YTIM
    online channels (YTIM website and Youth Time Magazine)
  • Experts can benefit from YTIM network and database of contacts
  • YTIM would collect and provide with all questions to be answered
  • Experts can take active part in researches and surveys made by YTIM
  • YTIM can offer assistance to Expert’s professional activities

Experts commit themselves to

  • Provide Youth Time Magazine and YTIM website with their expertise when requested by the organisation
  • Regularly answer questions from YTIM members
  • Offer at least one live stream webinar per year
  • Offer services voluntarily and free of charge
  • Follow YTIM values and mission
  • Present one-month notice in case they want to leave the Expert Guild

Application for Experts

If you’re interested in becoming YTIM Expert, please send us the following:

  • CV which would include
  • origin and place of residence
  • education
  • past and current work
  • awards and certificates
  • spoken languages
  • hobbies
  • Description of your expertise
  • Publications in media, academic and scientific work
  • Motivation letter on why you would like to become YTIM Expert and how do you imagine our collaboration (max 200 words)
  • Your thoughts about ‘What is the biggest challenge for youth nowadays?’

If you would like to ask one of our Experts any a question or apply to become one, please email us at info@youth-time.org