On October 4, 2010, on the Island of Rhodes in Greece, 150 energetic young people gathered to attend the first Rhodes Youth Forum. They came from 34 different countries to listen to reports and to talk about issues the world’s social develop­ment. During the forum participants discussed questions concerning everyday life which young people often do not pon­der: “How do young people see their future? What differences exist in the worldviews of young people from different countries and regions of the world? What can be done to pave the way towards a better future?” As the result of the Rhodes Youth Forum a new initiative to create an organization that could continue to support the activities of the youth on the ongoing basis was launched.

This new international youth movement was officially founded on December 11, 2010 in Prague. The Prague manifesto of Youth Time specified the guiding principles of the new international movement. The name of the movement, “Youth Time”, refers to the years of the youth as the happiest and most active period of life. Young people should use it properly in order to do their best for their own future and the future of older and younger generations.

Youth Time International Movement (YTIM) is an internationally oriented non-profit, non-political organization which actively represents a platform of dialogue between cultures and generations. We inspire and engage young people from all over the world, by encouraging them to develop their social leadership skills as well as to take upon their civil responsibility. Youth Time International Movement provides opportunities to take part in various projects, to help youth acquire new knowledge and skills in social and public sphere as well as to built up relations with other young social leaders.


Our vision

The younger generation takes the most active role in shaping our global community. Young people want to see and create a wealthy future for themselves and for the generations to come. We call for the youth to be aware of the current global issues and be pro-active when it comes to solving them. We would like to encourage active, open, and equal dialogue among the youth worldwide; to preserve national and cultural identity while valuing unity and diversity; and to facilitate the process of shar­ing knowledge, experience, and values between generations.

Our mission

Youth Time International Movement vision is to give a chance to youth of all nationalities, creeds and genders who wish to make a positive impact both in their society and globally.
We achieve this through creating a space for youth from around the world to meet each other, encouraging them to participate in active, open, and equal dialogue enriching each other with their thoughts and experiences; participate in educational & cultural programs, network and have the opportunity to gain financial support for their ideas to become a reality.
We call upon this youth to take interest in global affairs and to be proactive when it comes to creating solutions.

Our goals

  • Creating a network and platform for promoting the values and principles of the Youth Time International Movement;
  • Stimulating an active intercultural dialogue and dialogue between generations based on the principles of openness, respect, and equality;
  • Facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, values, and experi­ence through exchanges between generations;
  • Preserving national and cultural identities even though we recognize universal and indigenous values;
  • Understanding the global challenges facing today’s youth;
  • Inviting young people to promote the values and principles of the Youth Time International Movement;
  • Establishing contacts and promoting cooperation between the Youth Time International Movement and other friendly organizations.