RYF 2014: Urban Jaksa

Train of Friendship

The aim of the project is to improve rela­tions between the EU and Rus­sia on the level of peo­ple (civil soci­ety) by engag­ing in inter­cul­tural dia­logue, break­ing stereo­types about our respec­tive cul­tures and learn­ing about each other’s way of life in order to pro­mote peace, dia­logue and friend­ship between our respec­tive nations.



A group of young peo­ple from EU are going to travel Rus­sia by train for 4 weeks and con­duct work­shops in dif­fer­ent cities and towns along the way. the pro­gram of meet­ings and work­shops will be pre­pared in coor­di­na­tion with local author­i­ties, youth clubs, stu­dent asso­ci­a­tions and other NGOs. A per­ma­nent net­work of indi­vid­u­als and orga­ni­za­tions will under­take fur­ther projects of bilat­eral inter­cul­tural coop­er­a­tion, raise aware­ness of peo­ple about each other’s cul­ture and strengthen the friend­ship between EU and Russ­ian citizens.


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