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Tips: How to Make YTSum­mer the Most Effec­tive Per­son­ally for You

Julia Kinash, YT Move­ment pres­i­dent and an expe­ri­enced attendee at many forums, train­ing ses­sions, and schools, has come up with 10 use­ful tips on how to make ytsum­mer the most effec­tive ever.

  • Define your main goal for Sum­mer School in Ham­burg and focus on it.
  • Don’t com­plain that you don’t have enough of time to rest or party hard. Don’t for­get your main goal.
  • Be ready to be sur­prised 24-​hours a day.
  • Leave your stereo­types at home, open up your mind to new peo­ple, expe­ri­ences and knowledge.
  • Don’t waste your time on empty stuff. Remem­ber that you have only three days to live the Sum­mer School adven­ture. Using your time well can bring about change that will last a lifetime.
  • Time can be your friend and enemy at the same time. Be on time wher­ever you go.
  • Don’t for­get about sleep. Keep your­self fresh.
  • In every process dur­ing Sum­mer School try to find some­thing unique and impor­tant exactly for you. Use your brain to analyze.
  • Don’t be shy, be open and com­mu­nica­tive as much as pos­si­ble. Talk to each other, talk to train­ers and experts. We put a lot of effort into find­ing the best of the best to help you to develop your skills. Use this oppor­tu­nity to talk in per­son to promi­nent spe­cial­ists from all over Europe.
  • Don’t for­get to use our hash­tag #ytsum­mer, post pho­tos, videos and your impres­sions. Together we will cre­ate more mem­o­ries about the won­der­ful time we will have in Ham­burg together.

’Pre­pare for the Unknown Show­ing Itself as a Pow­er­ful Source for Growth’

We con­tinue to acquaint you with a team of mod­er­a­tors and experts who will be work­ing with us dur­ing YT Sum­mer School. Meet Jaron Reis­man. He is going to mod­er­ate ‘Con­flict Rec­on­cil­i­a­tion’ work­shop. Jaron is absolutely out­stand­ing trainer and entre­pre­neur from the Netherlands.

Hi Jaron. You’re new to Youth Time. Tell a bit about yourself.

I’m mar­ried to Sharon, (father of Lilach), and we live in Ams­ter­dam. I pri­mary work is at Know­mads Busi­ness School as exec­u­tive direc­tor, pro­gram coor­di­na­tor and tribe guide (Tribes are our groups).

After a cou­ple of years of Entre­pre­neur­ship in Online Pay­ments, I decided that it was time to switch to a more bal­anced approach to my pro­fes­sional and pri­vate life. I learned a lot about entre­pre­neur­ship, grow­ing com­pa­nies and self-​awareness. This made me decide to become a trainer and entre­pre­neur for purpose-​driven devel­op­ment of indi­vid­u­als and organ­i­sa­tions. I work accord­ing to five principles:

- Self-​leadership: Organ­i­sa­tions and indi­vid­u­als find a flow if their work is purpose-​centered. Yes,organisations can also be approached as hav­ing a self.

- Con­nect­ing lead­er­ship: Bal­anc­ing lead­er­ship and follow-​ship: We talk about “con­nect­ing lead­er­ship” at the point where peo­ple serve their own pur­pose and the pur­pose of the organisation/​community they work in.

- The power of the com­mu­nity as a facil­i­ta­tor of our per­sonal suc­cess and hap­pi­ness, and a

source for the future of lead­er­ship in this world

- The pur­suit of “value” and “profit” goes beyond finan­cial means, and value exchange goes

beyond the exchange of money for a product/​service.

- There is a place called home for every­body, even if you have a multi-​national back­ground. At Know­mads Busi­ness School I work with and am inspired by peo­ple and our com­mu­nity. We are set­ting a future stan­dard for self-​directed learn­ing and co-​creation in our pro­grams. Along­side this I offer a work­shop based on com­mu­nity learn­ing, neuro-​linguistic pro­gram­ming and trans­ac­tion analy­sis. Some of the titles include:

- “Liv­ing your talents”

- “The art of shared leadership”

- “Con­flict res­o­lu­tion — turn­ing con­flicts into a for­ward force”

- Mas­ter­class: “Devel­op­ing com­mu­ni­ties that learn”, with Kim van Rijt

- “Serv­ing Self-​Leadership”: Find­ing a way to bal­ance your pur­pose and the pur­pose of your organ­i­sa­tion in such a way that your actions are right and sustainable.

I also do life-​coaching, busi­ness coach­ing and tribe (team) guid­ance within the school pro­gram frame as well. The tribe guid­ance often ask for con­flict res­o­lu­tion, which I very much like to offer.

What is the ‘Con­flict rec­on­cil­i­a­tion’ work­shop going to be about?

Reveal­ing to par­tic­i­pants how their sub­con­scious con­tributes to their behav­iour, and how theiraware­ness of this hid­den con­tri­bu­tion can be turned into a power that can con­tribute to res­o­lu­tion of the conflict.

What will the for­mat of the work­shop be?

Intro­duc­tion based on sto­ry­telling, the­o­ret­i­cal fram­ing, work­ing in groups of 2/​3, shar­ing and work­ing in a larger group.

What should Sum­mer School par­tic­i­pants do to pre­pare before attend­ing your workshop?

In case they have never expe­ri­enced sys­temic con­stel­la­tion a new world will open up for them, which I would say is hard to exactly explain if you never expe­ri­enced it your­self. So pre­pare for the unknown becom­ing present and show­ing itself as a pow­er­ful source for growth

How Sum­mer School atten­dees could use the knowl­edge they will get dur­ing the work­shop in the future?

It is prac­ti­cal in an indi­rect way. Par­tic­i­pants will learn to look at con­flicts from a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive than just the ratio­nal way. This will lead to a lot of options in con­tribut­ing to more har­mo­nious sit­u­a­tions when con­flicts are faced.

Sum­mer School appli­cants

Dear friends, who have applied to the Youth Time Move­ment Sum­mer School 2015 in Hamburg!

Thank you for your inter­est in par­tic­i­pat­ing in our event and in Youth Time in gen­eral. We appre­ci­ate you tak­ing the time to apply for this oppor­tu­nity. We received appli­ca­tions from many peo­ple. Unfor­tu­nately, due to a lack of capac­ity, we should choose only 30 par­tic­i­pants from more than 300 applicants.

Although we were very impressed by what you all have to offer, we are unable to invite you this year. Please, do apply again in the future should you see a pro­posal for which you qual­ify. We encour­age you to con­tinue to check our web site for oppor­tu­ni­ties that inter­est you.

We appre­ci­ate your inter­est in the Youth Time Move­ment and wish you every suc­cess in your endeavors.

Yours truly,

Youth Time Movement’s team.

Sum­mer School in Faces: ‘Break­ing Stereo­types’ Mod­er­a­tor Adi Kola­se­vic

With two months left until the Youth Time Sum­mer School, we are start­ing a series of arti­cles about the great pro­fes­sion­als who will be work­ing with us dur­ing the event. They will present them­selves and reveal (a lit­tle) their plans for the School. First, meet the excel­lent facil­i­ta­tor, Adi Kola­se­vic. He is going to mod­er­ate the ‘Break­ing Stereo­types’ workshop.

Well, let’s start with: Who is Mr. Kolasevic?

A recent per­son­al­ity test marked me as an extro­vert who is in love with nature and out­door activ­i­ties. I’m a pas­sion­ate run­ner with a Master’s in Sport Sci­ence. I’m also an expe­ri­enced capac­ity build­ing spe­cial­ist of civil soci­ety organ­i­sa­tions with exten­sive expe­ri­ence in non-​formal and for­mal edu­ca­tion through engage­ment in the Euro­pean Stu­dent Union. These are just some of the many iden­ti­ties that I pos­sess but for more infor­ma­tion we will need to meet in per­son dur­ing the Sum­mer School. I come from the heart-​shaped land offi­cially known as Bosnia and Herze­gov­ina where right now I work for the joint UN Agen­cies project ‘Dia­logue for the Future’ as a facil­i­ta­tor for Youth Forum.

What is the ‘Break­ing Stereo­types’ work­shop going to be about?

It will explore some­thing that is part of all of us, some­thing that we build through­out our child­hood and is defined as prej­u­dices and stereo­types. Where do these prej­u­dices and stereo­types come from? How do we cre­ate them and why do we cat­e­go­rize? These are some of the ques­tions we want to explore with the par­tic­i­pants. Then, we want to find out how we abuse stereo­types but also how to deal with stereo­types and prej­u­dices. Our aim is to step out of our shoes and observe our own behav­iour and group behav­iour to be able to open our minds and to break stereotypes.

What will the for­mat of the work­shop be?

Since I love explor­ing cre­ative edu­ca­tion, the for­mat of the work­shop will be designed to fully engage all par­tic­i­pants and enable them to enter into an expe­ri­en­tial learn­ing process through sim­u­la­tion exer­cises and group work. This topic is very sen­si­tive, as par­tic­i­pants are com­ing from dif­fer­ent cul­tural back­grounds; it will be very chal­leng­ing for all those involved. My wish is to engage par­tic­i­pants emo­tion­ally as then they will expe­ri­ence the max­i­mum learn­ing out­come and pos­i­tive energy.

What should Sum­mer School par­tic­i­pants do to pre­pare before attend­ing your workshop?

I invite them to come and bring loads of pos­i­tive energy. They could explore the the­o­ret­i­cal back­ground of prej­u­dices and stereo­types just to famil­iar­ize them­selves with the topic. But per­haps the most impor­tant thing is that they should be pre­pared to be flex­i­ble and engage them­selves in a joint process of exploration.

The topic of the work­shop sounds inter­est­ing, but it is hard to pre­dict how Sum­mer School atten­dees could use the knowl­edge they will get dur­ing the work­shop in the future. Does it have a prac­ti­cal nature?

For sure it has! Glob­al­iza­tion processes are link­ing us to other cul­tures very fast. The world is expe­ri­enc­ing huge migra­tion and it’s so easy to enter into the prej­u­dice and stereo­type devel­op­ment that can lead to con­flict sit­u­a­tions. Today’s busi­ness envi­ron­ment is team ori­ented and if we don’t know how to break stereo­types we can find our­selves in very unpleas­ant sit­u­a­tions. These are some of the rea­sons why this work­shop is impor­tant for the par­tic­i­pants’ future life and work situations!

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