Neo-Fascism in Europe: 70 years later

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Witnessing the rise of radical neo-fascist groups who propagate the superiority of some parts of human society over others while resorting to violence and committing acts of crime, Youth Time International Movement felt obliged to join the initiative of Russian NGO “Center of National Glory” and European Jewish Congress jointly with the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Andrew the First-Called Foundations and organize an international conference “Neo-Fascism in Europe: 70 years later.

Call for Applications: Summer School 2014

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Work. Life. Balance
Test/Taste your life!

June 20-24, 2014
Siena, Italy

As usual Summer School is aimed at the development of crucial professional skills for the most talented and high potential Youth Time members. The Fourth annual session of our Summer School will be focused on reaching the balance between work and life experience of a truly human being. In the “Work” part of the School participants will learn how to perform successful public speeches and presentations and discover the basic secrets of the art of interview. In the “Life” part they will improve their “hear-and-listen” skills, emotional intelligence and self-presentation. On the third, so-called “Balance” day, participants will also have the chance to conduct their own workshops on the most urgent issues they faced. Participants will discuss how to be a Human Being with a digital and real life background and how to be a successful modern person and keep the value bias that was formed naturally in different societies and cultures. We want you to test/taste your life!

Candidate’s requirements (30 participants):
1. Youth leaders, youth workers, socially active youth who are open for long-term collaboration with Youth Time Community
2. Age: 20-30 years
3. Countries: All over the world

Application guidelines:
1. Fill in an online application form.
2. Write an essay on one of 3 topics listed in the application form.
3. Send your essay to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
4. Essays will be published online and the essay contest will be launched.
5. Authors of the 5 essays which get the most online votes are guaranteed to receive an invitation to Summer School 2014.

1. Conference fee: 50 €
2. Travel scholarships from Youth Time: 50/100/150 €

Deadline: April 21, 2014


RYF 2013: Ella Dryaeva, Daria Laposhina

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Conference on digital game-based learning

The goal of the Conference is to provide a floor for deliberations on strategies, policies and best practices of Information and communications technology (ICT) application in education, as well as on development and implementation of innovative teaching and learning methodologies.
The conference is a platform for constructive dialogue on recent trends and innovative approaches in efficient use of ICT in education among policy-makers, academic community, representatives of the private sector and potential partners.
The conference focuses on policy dialogue with regard to ICT use in education. The participants also debate on the potential of ICT and analyze the existing experience in information resources and technologies application to ensure accessible education for all, including disabled people, as well as women and girls.

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